Use of Payment Voucher Format

Payment voucher:

Payment voucher is document that is used as a proof that transaction has occurred between the two parties.

Payment voucher can be used for many purposes in businesses:

  • To take the place of cash in transaction
  • To act as recipient
  • To indicate that invoice has been approved for payment.



Payment voucher is an important part of the business as it gives opportunity for transaction with communities before you provide services to them.

The way it works:

Payment voucher can work as:

  • Customer prepays you for your product or any other service.
  • After prepayment customers get payment voucher as a proof that they purchase certain product.
  • When customers have to pick their products for which they have been paid before then they use payment voucher.

Other uses of payment voucher:

Through payment voucher it is easy to pick the products and merchandise later as you have proof of payment then there will be not any issue in receiving your object. Voucher payment can be used in many other places except business transactions.

  • In restaurants:

In restaurants for meals a payment voucher can be used. Someone can purchase meal in advance what they want to eat. After payment voucher is sent to the customers. They use in future to collect their meal for which they paid.

  • In garage:

For garage sales payment vouchers can be used because transport of big product is difficult. So they purchase it before and arrange transport to carry it. To get the thing they purchase they show payment voucher to the sales man.

Payment voucher template:

The easiest and efficient way to create payment voucher is the use of payment voucher template. These templates are customizable so you can customize it. You can create unique designed payment voucher with templates. Payment voucher templates can be used for business or personal use as well.

To make payment voucher:

  • Search payment voucher template on websites.
  • Preview all templates and select best one.
  • Just download the template from the link given below on website.
  • Add all the basic details and information that is required in template.
  • Save it.
  •  Take print out and use it.
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