Teach a Child to Say NO

Teaching NO to children is bit difficult:

Parents give training to their children, give their most of time in raising them and provide lots of opportunity to them. For parents the most difficult thing is to teach them the meaning of NO. It is little bit difficult for child too to understand the meaning and use of NO.

Big mistake that parent make:

Most f the parents are terrified with the conflicts and quarrel. The parents who work want to give enough time to their children but they don’t have time. They feel that their children need time to spend with them, enjoy and make fun together. They think that if they say YES to kids then it will make them connected but it is the one of the big mistakes that they make.

Some essential things that kids should know:

There is need to teach children many things that will help out them in their lives. Some important things for children that they have to learn are:

  • How to socialize
  • How to share
  • How to deal with others
  • What they expect to get they do not get always

Make your children to understand the meaning of NO:

It is very important for children to learn that everything is not in their access. You have to made them know that when you say NO to them they have to listen and understand. When they have had enough treats, they have to stop playing and they have to go bed earlier and they don’t want to do so then say them NO. With the consistency you can make them learn that no means no. With the passage of time they will not get upset or angry and accept that they will be told.

Teach your child manners:

Tell them about the rights of other people that are very basic. There are some manners and ways to behave:

  • They should know how to share the space when they are outside the house.
  • Don’t push in front of people that are around you and be aware of them.
  • Move only a single side when anyone is passing by
  • Behave well in public places like parks, shops, restaurants etc.
  • Tell them don’t throw trash in streets
  • Don’t pluck flowers

Give examples to kids:

You can teach all these manners to their children by giving them example. Show them by behaving with others properly and speaking people gently. Help you kid to be a kind of person with whom people want to stay with.

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