How to Make a professional Letterhead


Letterhead is a paper sheet having heading on the top and is used as stationary in offices.  It includes:

  • The name of company
  • Address of the company
  • Logo of the company
  • Contact details

Designs for letterhead:

Letterheads are created in various designs and style. The designs and formats of letterhead are kept stylish. Some letterheads have extremely lavish while some are created on simple designs. Highly decorated and full embroidered letterheads are also used.

Letterheads that are used for business should be professional looking. It must mention contact details for customers.

Highlight contact details:

Highlighting the contact details in letterhead is good for your business. Letterheads improve the response rate by customers. As the contact details are highlighted on it.  Customer can easily contact you. In this way your business gets exposure in an effective way.

Letterhead template:

Professional looking letterheads that you use for your daily transactions can be achieved by the letterhead template. You can easily and quickly create professional looking letterhead for your company if you have letterhead template.

How letterhead template is better than other ways?

Easy formatting:

If you create letterhead then you may face problems in formatting and designing. While through letterhead template formatting a letterhead is much easier.

Consistency in documents:

The letterheads you make through letterhead template have consistency in every document. In other ways documents may inconsistent in format.

Time saver:

Lots of precious time can be saved by using letterhead template than creating it by your own.

Money saver:

With the help of only one template lots of letterheads can be created. Thus along with time it save money as well.

How to use letterhead template?

After the accomplishment of letterhead template you can write any information that is required in it. You just have to open document before writing.

Firstly download the letterhead template. Update your business logo, contact information. Only add important and main point. Your letterhead should be to the point. Improve the style of letterhead. Save it.


Printing of letterhead stationary is one of the important parts. As when you take out prints it means that full fledge letterhead is prepared and is ready to use.

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