Kids can Learn Fast Through Educational Games

The educational games are great ways to teach preschoolers. They can learn basics through the games. Through games they can learn how to tell time, they can be familiar with the coins and know alphabets and number. Many skills can be developed in preschool child by teaching them with educational games.

We can make the learning journey of kids enjoyable by putting games in their course. Kids love to lay games. They can pick many little but important things with educational games. Here are some games. These educational games are good for kids as they can learn and play at the same time.

Which color?

This game is full of fun. For this game you need some accessories like:

  • Water color
  • Paint brush
  • A paper
  • Towel

Ask the children about their favorite color, or let them chose any color and pick that one. Take the prints of their little hands and feet with their favorite color on the paper. Tell them the color name. After finishing the work wash of the paints and dry their hands and feet with the towel.

Little hand, big hand:

This educational game is set for teaching the kids that how to tell time. Learning a time is time consuming as its concept is little bit difficult for kids. Practice and repetition of activity is the key to learn this. In this educational game you can give the names to hands of clock.  Tell children that little hand is for hours and the big hand is for minutes.

Ask them about the position of little and big hand on the clock. Instruct them to check the location of little and big hand on the clock when their favorite T.V program starts.

Count the change in Daddy’s pocket:

To familiarize the kid with money playing this game is the great idea. Show them different coins and explain their names and value to them. When they understand then ask them to count the change in Daddy’s pocket. It will be fun for them as well as learning. Go step wise. First introduce pennies then move on to other coin most probably silver coins.

Kids educational games should be played with children on early stages of their life.

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