How to Move Your House (12 steps)

Everyone has to use some tips for packing when moving from their house to a new one. If you are going to shift in new home or a new community along with your family then you definitely have some disturbance because of shifting.

For making the shifting of your household more easy and smooth there are many ways. Here i will tell you 12 easy steps on how to move your house, that will make your moving peaceful and exciting if you follow them.

1.      Make a list:

Before packing arrange a paper pen or a record keeping for making a proper list of goods that you have packed and have to carry with yourself to the new house. List may be of different types.

  • Handwritten list:

You can use simple pen and paper for creating list. Write down each and every thing in the list.

  • Computer printed list:

Create a list by using your PC having numbers and with space so you can write down the content. You can also use the packing list template to save your time.

  • Spiral-bound notebook:

 You can use spiral-bound note book for making the list.

Write a number on every box that you have packed and list content in your list. Be careful about the list and keep it in the safest place. Describe the box contents specifically.

2.      Have plenty of supplies:                             

A large number of boxes are required for the packing. If you have plenty of boxes then your work will be easily done. Pack the most important things first. You should have almost 10 boxes for the last minute packing in which all the things can be sealed like bedclothes, bed covers, clothing and cleaning supplies. The more things you need for packing properly are:

  • Strong plastic packing tape
  • Unprinted newspaper
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap

Strong plastic tape seals the boxes strongly. Unprinted papers save the utensils from stains and spots. Bubble wrap protect things from breakage and to cushion the households.

All the things should be in large number which can be returned after packing.

3.      Utilize wardrobe boxes:

Wardrobe boxes are tall and perfect for those things which are bulky and lighter in weight. These items are comforters, pillows, blankets and that clothes that you want to remain hanging. Wardrobe boxes are used according to their width and the clothes in the closets. Measure the clothes to be packed so you can know that how much bores are required for packing.

These boxes can also be used for many other items such as: shoe boxes, fabric bolts, large baskets or gift wrap tubes. Remember one thing keep the boxes lighter. Don’t stuffed boxes with lots of thing that they become too much heavy to lift.

4.      Strategize wardrobe box use:

Few days before from migrating from one house to another you should pack some things e.g. shoes, sweaters, jeans, belts. On the day of departure pack all the bottom wardrobe boxes. Use shopping bags for them. The next turn is of your hanging clothes. Pack hanging clothes tightly so that they can remain at same place and would not fall from the hangers. Cover your clothes with cleaning bags then put sweaters or purses on the top of it. When all the items of your wardrobe packed except few things then you can easily packed them using shopping bags. In this way your all wardrobe’s items collected and packed in an organized manner.

5.      Color co-ordinate:

Decide that which color you will give to your rooms in new home. For example if you designates yellow color for the kitchen, orange for the dining room then apply colored stickers on the box. Sticker should be applied near the color box. In your new home put the matching sticker on the door of the each room. In this way movers will put the box on the right place and all boxes will reach at their right destination. You can also use the Avery labels to write mini instructions on it.

6.      Keep things together:

Keep all the packed boxes together. Give the movers instruction of gathering all the boxes.

  • Keep bookends with books
  • Light lamps should be kept with lamps
  • Appliances must be there with extension cords
  • Picture hooks with the pictures
  • Keep shelf brackets with bookcase
  • With wall unit put all the bolts and wrench
  • Keep all the tools or little things like cables, cords, parts, pieces, brackets, nails in the single box and close it with plastic tapes.

Mark these boxes with specific signs so you can recognize that which thing a box contains. For example you can paste rainbow sticker on the box of tools.

7.      Pack ahead:

Pack things in advance. This will save your lots of time on the day of moving. If you are moving in summer season then pack all the winter clothes and keep them aside. Pack your cosmetics and extra toothpastes and shampoos that you don’t need for few days. T.V and radio set also don’t need till settling down so pack them ahead. Pack cooking utensils, crockery, dinner sets in advance. Pack waste baskets in plastic grocery boxes.

8.      Consolidate cleaning supplies:

For cleaning your old place before leaving it if you want to clean it then keep all the cleaning supplies together as kit of basic cleaning supplies and rags. Clean your kitchen cupboards, oven, windows and empty places in advance. In the last clean the rooms that have been emptied now.

9.      Use your luggage:

Fill your luggage bags with your clothes, towels, sheets and paper goods. You can use these bag packed for shifting as well as local moving.

10.  Safeguard value items:

You should keep your valuable possessions with yourself. These may be yours:

  • Silverware
  • Collections
  • Antiques
  • Jewelry

These things must be packed carefully and should be kept along with you to avoid misplacement.

11.  Keep important papers with you:

The list of important papers comprise of:

  • Birth certificates
  • School records
  • Movers estimates
  • New job contacts
  • Utility company numbers
  • Recent bank records
  • Current bills
  • Phone lists
  • Property papers
  • Maps
  • Any other necessary documents.

Always keep these papers along with you.

12.  Personal boxes:

Each family member has his own private things. For moving them save and sound in the new house everyone should be pack them by their own. It will help them to find out easily in new home.

Moving from your old play may not be pleasant for you but you can make it easy and bearable process by goof planning. These 12 tips will help to make your moving smooth.

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