Help Your Child to Stop Snacking (4 steps)

Here i will tell you some quick but basic steps to help your child to stop snacking. In school children use their energy especially during recess they play hard and then feel ferocious appetite.

You have control on your children so you can help them to choose healthy snacks or meal when they feel hunger. You can develop good eating habits in them by using some techniques.

1.     Have a dinner ready when the children come home from school

Mostly students are provided with refreshments in after-school programs. When the children come to home from school prepare a meal before their arrival at home. The meal that you are going to cook should be of your child’s favourite. Offer your child food with enough quantity that will be sufficient for him. Keep in mind food must be full of nutrients and cooked properly.

When your child eats delicious dinner that is enough then he does not desire for snacks. Homemade food is not only nutritious but keeps your child away from the snacks.

2.     Snack ideas for later in the evening:

May be your children does not eat to his fill desire. He may feel little hunger after having dinner. He may want to eat Doritos, Cheeses Puffs or other snacks. You can prevent him from overloading by eating this type of snacks. For it you have to do little efforts for your child.

  • Make popcorns: You can make popcorns on microwave oven. Make handmade popcorns for your children as these are favourites of ever child. It is lighter than any other snack and good teat for your children.
  • Put popcorns in cabinets: After preparing popcorns pack it in baggies and keep it in cabinets so when your child will search for snacks he will found popcorns as a lighter snack.
  • Cereals: Children love to eat cereals. These can fill their little tummies. Cereals are not very sugary and are good for health as well as light meal.
  • Some other snacks for children: There are some other snacks that you can provide your children with. Some of these are listed here that are used as after-dinner hours.
  • Granola bars
  • Peanut butter crackers
  • Marshmallow
  • Honey pretzel sticks

3.     Plan ahead for the grocery store:

Before going to the grocery stores make a list of meal that you have planned for the next whole week. After making the list of meal make a list of snacks that you have to buy for your children that they can eat during the preparation of dinner. When you will making dinner your children can satisfied their tummies with lighter snacks. The snacks must be light so your children can eat dinner as well when it gets ready. Follow these points:

  •  Make shopping list: Shopping list of the meal should be pasted on the refrigerator. The best is to use magnetizes shopping list notepad.
  • Note down the finished product: Write down the product that is finished then it will remember you to buy in next shopping. You will never forget to pick up that product if you have written it on list.
  • Keep white board in kitchen: You can also keep white board in your kitchen to know the choice of your children. Children will list their favourite snacks on the white board. It will easy for you to decide that which snack should buy for children in middle time of cooking.
  • Check out the condiments: Make a habit of observing that what condiment or other food item is not enough or run out. Put that food item in your list. In this way you will never forget to buy it when go to shop. You will definitely feel annoy when forgetting the ketchup when eating pizza or burger.
  • Memorize the stocks of required things: On entering the grocery store recall the placement or location of the product that you have to buy.

To save you precious time plan ahead that what you have to buy from the grocery store. The most important thing is the selection of the snacks for your children. Choose the proper snacks for children. You can buy some brownie bites, carrot sticks or apple slice to take with them to the school for recess.

4.     Plan easy cook meals or prepare then the night before:

It is next to impossible to give homemade dinner after school every day. You can make your schedule easy by preparing food in advance. You can make meals that can be frozen for a long time than others. If you don’t want to freeze the meal then you can prepare them before night. The meal you are going to cook a night before should be easy and simple. It will help you in busy routine to do your all work very well especially giving the proper attention on the meal of your children.


If you concern these ideas then you will get many benefits:

  • Good health habits will be developed in your children.
  • Your children will get nutritious food.
  • Their health will improve.
  • They will eat with you on dinner table sufficiently that they need.
  • Extra snacks will go out from their routine that are not necessary for them and ruin their eating habits.
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