Customize your own professional Rental Agreement

Rental agreement:

A legal document that is written for agreement between landlord and the lessee is rental agreement. In it written about the possession of property for a specific time period. Terms and conditions t the lessee is provided by rental agreement about named property.

Rental agreement template:

Through rental agreement template, rental agreement can make easily. Rental agreement template gives an outline of that rules and regulation that should be added in agreement before signing.

Importance of rental agreement template:

Rental agreement template is used for its importance. As:

  • It protects the lessee illegal eviction from rented property.
  • It protects the property of landlord from damage.
  • It explains the relationship between landlord and lessee and their rights during contract.

What should a rental agreement include?

Rental agreement template covers all the points which should be added in rental agreement. Following are the clauses which should be added in rental agreement template.

Name of tenants:

  • Name of person is mentioned in the property that is renting out property.
  • It includes name of those who are responsible of property.

In templates enough space is left to write the names of tenants.

Term of the tenancy:

  • In it indication is given that either the agreement is of lease or rental.
  • Rental agreements renew itself after each month automatically.
  • Renewal stops until landlord or tenant ends it.

Limits on occupancy:

  • Due it landlord can determine that who will live in his property.
  • In the agreement it is clearly mentioned that only those persons can live in property who are allowed.
  • If rule is broken then agreement can be terminated.

Terms on rent:

  • It is specific for the rent that a tenant pays.
  • Amount of rent is written on agreement.
  • Duration is written after which tenant has to pay.
  • It also states the mode of payment.

Deposits or fees included:

  • Deposit to be paid is written on agreement.
  • How deposited may be used id highlighted.
  • About the return of deposit at the end of agreement is told.

Repairs and maintenance:

  • Responsibilities of landlord are mentioned about maintenance.
  • Responsibilities of tenants are mentioned about repair of property in case of any damage.

Entry to rental property:

  • It indicates that when landlord is allowed to come in the building.
  • It explains that violation of privacy can also be claimed against landlord.

Restriction on some activities:

  • All activities that are prohibited are listed in this clause.


In this clause permission of keeping pets like dog and cat is taken if they want to keep them in property.

Other restrictions:

All the other restrictions are added in this clause which is stated according to law.

Rental agreement template provides a proper outline for the state of residence.

Results of Carelessness:

Once you made rental agreement you should read it carefully before signing. If you don’t read it with carefully then you may face many problems. Like

  • May be your pet will not allowed in property.
  • The number of people you invited in your house/property is restricted.
  • Eviction of events may be not allowed.

Advantages of using rental agreement template:

For making proper rental agreement you should use rental agreement template as it has many advantages. Some of advantages are listed here:

  • Their language is very simple that both parties can easily understand.
  • Parties can go through all the basic terms at glance without wasting time as everything is well structured.
  • Anyone can access rental agreement template easily.
  • In it excessive wording is avoided. Every clause is explained to the point.
  • Rental agreement template not only gives the document of terms and condition for tenants on your property but it also includes all the requirements which are basic for rental agreement.
  • These rental templates are absolutely free of cost.
  • These are easy to handle.
  • Absolutely customizable. You can adjust any clause according to your requirement.

To get rental agreement template:

If you want to get rental agreement template for creating professional looking agreement than visit Microsoft’s official and other professional sites. It offers you fine templates that are just perfect for you. Download it and work with it.

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