Basic Free Invoice Template With Tax and Discount Fields

Whether you are selling building supplies or items for the upcoming anniversary celebration party, a professional and accurate invoice is necessary. The customer should keep a copy in case there is any dissatisfaction and the vendor should have a copy to verify what was sold and to use if a repeat order is requested.

This invoice is simple and eloquent at the same time. It does not get into part numbers of issues of such nature. It is a professional invoice that clarifies a transaction between the buyer and the seller.

This free invoice template has several major features including:

  • It is built as a Word Template. Thus it can be called up on the screen of a computer. Each field is clickable as needed. A copy can be saved on the computer and a copy printed for the customer.
  • There fields to include the names and addresses of the buyer and shipper and a place or special instructions such as (please leave in back if no one is home).
  • There is ample space to for the various items including the quantity, description, unit price and total for each line item.
  • Then the subtotal, taxes, shipping and handling charges can be entered with the final total being generated.
  • At the top is room for the company name, sale date and invoice number, as well as the company street address, city and zip code
  • The Dotxes logo can be removed and replaced with the company’s own logo.
  • Finally at the very bottom there are fields for the company’s telephone number, fax number, e-mail and web address.

Thus, every feature that would be needed on an invoice is included. Because it is built in Microsoft word, the word invoice template would be easy to modify to meet any unique needs an individual company might have


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The template can be downloaded from ( at no charge. Save the template to your template file and then call it up as needed to fill out, print and give to the customer. Give it a try. There is absolutely nothing to risk and the invoice could become an integral part of your business. For other invoice templates from Dotxes visit them at (

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