7 Mistakes You Should Avoid for Setting a Goal

Setting a Goal in the beginning of year is very important. It is the simple process but helps to focus throughout the year. In many offices it is required from the employees to write down their business as well as personal goals for the coming year. You can get more this year with proper planning and goal setting.

When people set goals for coming year they do minor mistakes. These mistakes can lead to failure in achieving goal. If you overcome them you will achieve definitely more this year.

Here we give some “do” and “don’t” for helping you to make the goal setting process pay off for you:

1.      Do write them down and keep them visible

Set your goals clearly. If you want to achieve your goals and committed to them then write them. The list of your goals should be visible and noticeable. No matter that either they are set on daily, weekly or else basis they should be remembered.

2.     Don’t go overboard:

Through goals a person can be focused but too many goals can also create confusion. Number of goals should be manageable. So keep them controllable. Set your goals in the way that covers all areas of your personal and business life.

3.     Do be specific:

If your goals are not clear then the results you got from them will unclear for sure. The basic goals of almost every single one is to make more and more money, spend plenty of time with his family and grow customer base. For it you have to choosy that what t do or what to not. Thus be specific in your goals and efforts that you make for achieving them.

4.     Do make them measureable:

If you want to make progress and maintain your position all over the year than you have to put a figure on your goals. So you can attain them without difficulty. We always gain that what we measure. Thus, always give a number to your goals and make them measurable.

5.     Do set deadline:

All goals are different from each other. Some are critical, some are time taking and some are dependent or related to others. Set deadlines for your goals. In this way you can easily make a difference that which one is most important and done to be first.

6.     Do think bigger:

Set challenging goals and try to accomplish them in a fix time duration. Don’t search for easy tasks. Think bigger and find out more exciting goals that can influence you to work hard, effectively and efficiently.

7.     Don’t ignore the why:

After setting a goal ask questions to yourself that:

  • Why is this important for you?
  • Why do you want earn more than previous year?
  • Why do you set this goal?

Never ignore these questions. Find answers to them so you will know that either your goals are meaning full or not.

The “why” is the key to keep you in form to work hard all over the year.

If you follow these all given above you will surely go to the peak this year.

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