6 Ways to find drawing ideas

Drawing ideas are available on artist’s block but there are many other ways. If you want to get drawing ideas then there are some things for you that will surely helpful for you in drawing. You can do these:

Look around:

Most of the people think that from where they can get drawing ideas but actually drawing ideas are just around them. Just have a look around you in the room where you are sitting. You will surely find some stuff for drawing. In a room there are many things that can catch you attention like table, chair, television or any other thing that can be drawn.

You must know the basics of drawing. Like how to shade and you should have the knowledge about textures. The quality of your design is determined by the shades and textures that you beautify the paper with. The object you draw isn’t the matter but your work only.

Consider portraits:

  • The quick ideas for drawings and encouragement can be aroused by the portraits. The easiest portrait ever you can draw is you owns. For drawing your portrait you just the mirror is required.
  • One good thing about drawing your own portrait is that you can draw it any time as you are present always. The subject of your portrait is you that always available.
  • You can also ask your friend who is with you to let you draw his/her portrait.

Take a walk:

If you stick to one place then you will not find something new for drawing. If you have lack of drawing ideas then instead of staying at one place take a walk.

Sit outside:

You can also sit outside for some time to get new ideas for drawing. Whatever you see outside you should be observant about that. Anything that you observe for example be light, sound, smell, colors, temperature, trees, buildings etc can give you the idea.

Observe nature:

By observing the nature new ideas arise in the mind that can persuade you to draw something interesting.

Draw immediately:

After getting the idea for drawing you should draw the thing that comes in your mind immediately. If you delay then you will forget what to draw.

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